Keep GOING with Easygoing!

Devoted to bring innovations and easygoing style into your everyday life, business and education, we are continuously adding new software and hardware products.

Our team doesn’t reflect only our desire to do business in a different, more relaxed way, but also represents our business philosophy. We carefully choose partners and investors, and the fact that our business is growing exponentially, and that we are constantly expanding, shows us that we are on the right path.

Our main product is easy2u – unique multi-functional self-service kiosk

Easygoing atmosphere

Friendly and relaxing work environment, always welcoming new people and ideas!

Easygoing offices

We work in elegant and sophisticated offices. Our everyday tasks are based on finding new solutions and apps!

Easygoing meeting

Our meetings are creative and enjoyable, often with lot new business perspectives!

Software development

We are a technology, consulting and marketing company, established in 2014, with 30+ experienced and professional team members.

Our job is software development based on the latest modern technologies, which will make it easier for people to live everyday life.

Hardware development

We are a creator of easy2u, unique multi-functional, multi-useful, interactive self-service kiosk.